AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

Benita Albert - AP Calculus BC

Benita Albert

Benita taught AP Calculus BC for 45 years at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She has served as an AP Reader and Table Leader, a member of the AP Calculus Test Development Committee, and as a participant on the Writing Committees for Math Vertical Teams and Building Success in Mathematics, both Pre-AP initiatives. Her teaching honors include: Presidential Award in Math/Science, Tandy Technology Teacher, AP Service Award, MAA's Edyth May Sliffe Award and the USA Today All-American Teacher Team. Benita enjoys packing her Calculus suitcase each summer to meet more Calculus teachers and teach in great Southern schools, including her fifteenth-year return to Woodward Academy/College Board AP Calculus BC Summer Institute.
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Fred Butler - AP Spanish Language and Culture

Fred Butler

Fred, Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Stetson University in Deland, FL, has spent many years teaching at the high school and college levels. He has been an AP Spanish Exam Reader and a Table Leader since 1991. He has also conducted weeklong summer institutes at Western Kentucky University, Nova Southeastern University, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, The College of William and Mary, University of Alabama, and for the School District of Fairfax County, VA. He has conducted pre and post- conference workshops at five AP National Conferences. He is a certified and endorsed College Board AP Spanish Language Workshop Consultant and National Mentor Coach, as well, for AP Spanish Language teachers. He has also had many years of experience teaching AP Spanish and acting as Dept. Chair at Clearwater Central Catholic High School in Clearwater, FL. 2017 will mark his 8th summer at Woodward Academy.
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Hugh Canterbury - AP Psychology

Hugh Canterbury

Hugh has been an AP Psychology teacher since 1992 has taught him much of what to convey to beginning teachers of AP Psychology. As a College Board consultant since 1995, Mr. Canterbury been privileged to have conducted numerous one-day workshops and one-week institutes as far west as Phoenix, south as Miami and north as suburban Washington DC, with many places in between. An undergrad of Berry College, he also has earned M.Ed. and Ed. S. degrees from Georgia State University. He has served as a Reader since 1997. Presently serving on the faculty of South Forsyth High School, Cumming, GA since 2005, he was recognized as STAR teacher, as well when on the faculty of Griffin (GA) High School.
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Marilee Eyre - AP English Literature

Hugh Canterbury

Marilee has taught AP English at Beaver High School for 26 years. She graduated with a double major in English and Business Education from Southern Utah University, where she was the Outstanding English Student and one of four Outstanding Business Education Students. Marilee completed a Master's degree from Southern Utah University as well as Administrative and ESL Endorsements. She is an Adjunct Professor at Southern Utah University, and she was selected Teacher of the Year and Utah Girls Golf Coach of the Year. Mrs. Eyre has served as an AP English Lit Reader and Table Leader at the AP Reading for 15 years and is a consultant and mentor for the College Board. She presents Saturday and five-day workshops throughout the United States. Marilee has reviewed textbooks for various publishers and grades practice AP exams.
Marilee has coached Debate for 17 years, and her students have won multiple State Championships and placed at national tournaments. Mrs. Eyre is a National Forensics League Diamond Coach and has been Utah’s Debate Coach of the Year.
Marilee enjoys keeping active and playing sports. She loves to golf and helped initiate the girls' golf program in Utah. She has coached girls golf and softball for several years at Beaver High. Marilee is delighted to present and meet teachers at Woodward Academy.
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Ria Galanos - AP Computer Science A

Ria Galanos

Ria has taught AP Computer Science since 2003. She teaches computer science full-time at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia where she teaches the old APCS AB course and Android App Development, a post-AP course she proposed and created in response to student interest. In addition to teaching, she is the assistant division manager for Math-Computer Science and sponsors both the Coding Lady Colonials (an all-girl computer science club) and HackTJ. Ria is passionate about introducing young people to the field of computer science, teaching them how to program, showing them how to create something from nothing, and making them thirsty to learn more. She enjoys collaborating with and mentoring other teachers in order to improve student achievement and retention in computer science. She is interested in finding ways to increase: the number of students who take computer science courses at the secondary level, the percentage of g irls and under-represented minorities in those courses, and the number of students who pursue further study in the field. Her current areas of focus are building the confidence of females in computer science courses and creating interdisciplinary real-world computer science assignments that help make computing relevant and personal for all her students. Her other professional hats include being a Reader for the APCS exam since 2007, serving on the Board of Directors of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools, serving on the advisory board of the NSF-funded Computer Science Teaching Tips project, and conducting APCS student review sessions for the National Math and Science Initiative. Ria holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a MAEd in Secondary Mathematics Education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and an advanced teaching diploma from Emory University.
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Nita Ganguly - AP Environmental Science

Nita Ganguly

Nita is the Master Teacher for Science for the VolsTeach Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Previously she taught AP Environmental Science at Oak Ridge High School. She has served as a Reader, a Table Leader and was a member of the Test Development Committee. She was also a participant in the writing of the 1st and 2nd editions of the Science Vertical Teams Guide. She conducts workshops and APSI both nationally and internationally. Nita has been recognized for her contribution to science education by being awarded the Presidential Award for the teaching of environmental science and the Siemens Award for the teaching of AP.
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Paula Gentry - AP Calculus AB

Paula Gentry

Paula is currently the Upper School Math Department Chair at Woodward Academy where she has math curriculum responsibilities for grades PK‐12. She has taught Calculus at many levels during her 35 year career as a math teacher both at Woodward and at Bournemouth School for Girls in England, the country of her birth. During her time as a math educator, Paula has taught every grade level 6th‐12th, including 22 years teaching BC Calculus and 10 years teaching AB Calculus. Paula has read the AP Calculus Exams since 2006 and she completed her College Board Consultant training in 2012.
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Landy Godbold - Statistics (New)

Landy Godbold

Landy received BS and MS degrees in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Tech and taught 40 years at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, including courses in statistics for over 35 of those years (at the AP level since 1996) before retiring in 2015. In 1984 he was one of the first fifty participants in the Woodrow Wilson Summer Institutes in mathematics at Princeton (that year the topic was Statistics) and returned during the summers of 1988-1993 as Computer Director for that program. He served two three-year terms as an NCTM appointee to the ASA-NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability, the final two years as chair. He began as an AP reader of Statistics exams in 1997, and his tenure at the Reading includes six years as table leader. He is a co-author of NCTM's Navigations in Data Analysis and of activities in the Statistics section of TI's Math Nspired web site. Honors include Westminster's Alex P. Gaines professorship and Alumni Fellow for Distinguished Teaching and the national Presidential, Radio Shack, and MAA Edyth May Sliffe awards. Apart from statistics, Landy enjoys his family (including three grandsons under the age of five), gardening, music, cycling, and table tennis.
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Chris Hall - AP Human Geography

Chris Hall

Chris has been teaching AP Human Geography since the course was introduced by the College Board in 2000 and was a member of the Test Development Committee from 2007-2011 and has been regularly requested to submit questions to the committees since. He was a contributing author of the AP Vertical Teams Guide for History and the Social Sciences and has been the editor for two Human Geography Curriculum Modules (Urban Geography and Gender and Geography) published by the College Board. Prior to AP Human Geography Chris taught world regional geography courses in both junior and senior high schools. He has been an AP exam reader since 2001 and is currently a table leader. NCGE recognized Chris as its Distinguished Teacher in 2007 and he the Utah Geographic Alliance awarded him Outstanding Secondary Teacher in 2001. He has also been his own school district's Teacher of the Year (2006). Chris considers his experience as a presenter at AP workshops and institutes one of the highlights of his career and he conducts them regularly. He is also an endorsed consultant in Pre-AP Strategies in Social Studies and has worked with social studies vertical teams in schools across the country and internationally.
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Jonathan Henderson - AP World History

Jonathan Henderson

Jonathan has over 20 years teaching experience spanning middle school, high school, and university classes. He studied history at the graduate level at Cambridge University, taught in Central Asia as a US State Department Fellow, and in 2007 was a Fulbright Scholar to China. He has been teaching AP World History since 2002 and been a reader for the exam since 2008. Jonathan is a member of the College Board's Curriculum and Instruction Team for the current AP World History exam redesign and helped author the College Board's AP Workshop Handbook for Summer Institutes. He is actively involved in the creation of assessment items for the AP World History national test and helped pilot the LEQ essays that will debut on the 2018 exam. Jonathan edited and wrote material for several of the major AP World History textbooks, coauthored Fast Track to a Five: Preparing for the AP World History Examination, and contributed to The Sea in World History published in 2017. In 2008 He served on a College Board committee in New York to review and edit the Curriculum Framework for the course rewrite. He teaches AP World History and Humanities at Forsyth Central High School near Atlanta.
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Bonnie Herzog - AP Government and Politics U.S.

Bonnie Herzog

Bonnie taught social studies since 1984 and began teaching advanced placement in 1988 in the School District of Hillsborough County (Tampa), Florida until she retired in 2014. She taught one year (2002‐2003) at Culver Academy in Culver, Indiana. She has taught AP United States Government and Politics, AP Comparative Politics and AP United States History. Ms. Herzog has been a Reader, Table Leader and Question Leader for the Comparative Politics readings. She is an endorsed College Board consultant and thoroughly enjoys meeting teachers while conducting workshops and summer institutes for both United States Government and Comparative Politics. Before retiring she served as a school district mentor in order to help new teachers in the school district develop courses in AP U. S. Government and AP Comparative Politics. Ms. Herzog is a co-author of Multiple-Choice & Free-Response Questions in Preparation for the AP U. S. Government and Politics Examination, 6th and 7th Edition for D & S Publishing. She earned her BA at Northern Kentucky University and earned National Board Certification in 2007.
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Phyllis Hillis - AP Calculus AB

Phyllis Hillis

Phyllis has taught mathematics for 42 years including the last 34 years at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Most recently, she taught Pre-Calculus Honors and Advanced Placement Calculus AB prior to her retirement in June 2013. She has been an AP reader and table leader for a total of 12 years. As a consultant for the College Board, she has taught AP Calculus workshops and summer institutes for 25 years. Additionally, she has been a leader in other College Board workshops including Strategies for Mathematics Vertical Teams and Strategies in Mathematics Problem Solving. Phyllis served six years on the Test Development Committee for the Mathematics SAT II. Phyllis received the Presidential Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics in 2011 and is a Tandy Teacher Scholar.
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Susan Hollier - AP Human Geography

Susan Hollier

Susan taught Advanced Placement Human Geography, World Geography, and Honors World History at The Woodlands High School for 17 years. She consults for the College Board in Advanced Placement Human Geography and Pre-Advanced Placement World Geography, and is a National Training Leader for SoapStone, as well as having served as a reader for the Advanced Placement Human Geography Qualifying Test. She served on the TEA Lighthouse AP/TEKS Document Writing Team for Social Studies. Susan is a 2002 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award from the National Council of Geographic Education and is listed in Who's Who in American Teachers. Her classes have received national recognition for winning the National NewsBowl Current Events Competition and placing in the National Geography Olympiad. She is the World Affairs Council Houston's 2004 International Educator of the Year, a recipient of the Coca‐Cola Scholars Joseph B. Whitehead 2006 Educator of Distinction Award and the 2007 Nobel National Society of High School Scholars Educator of Distinction Award. She has served as the K‐12 Curriculum and Instruction Committee Member of the NCGE Executive Planning Board and was selected to present at the Inaugural International Symposium on Territorial Geography in Seoul, Korea and at the 4th International Conference on Geographic Naming and Geographic Education in Seoul. The Marshall Legacy Institute selected her as the 2010 Joan Wismer Award recipient in Washington, DC. In 2011, Ms. Hollier received the Texas A&M University Inspiration Award for Exceptional Secondary Education. Ms. Hollier holds a BS degree from Louisiana State University.
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Terri McMurray - AP Physics 1

Terri McMurray

Terri taught in the North Carolina public school system 26 years. She was a reader for the College Board AP Physics Exam from 2001-2009 and a table leader from 2004-2008. She became a College Board consultant in 2004 and has conducted many one-day workshops and AP summer institutes since then. She is a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master of Education degree in physics. She served on the editorial board of The Physics Teacher and was the first to serve as Pre-College Member-At-Large for the North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (NCS-AAPT). In 2006, Terri received the Walter C. Connolly Award for Excellence in Pre-College Teaching presented by the NCS-AAPT. Terri has received all of the training offered by the College Board for the new AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 courses including Building Students' Reasoning Skills. She has used an inquiry approach to teaching throughout her career.
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Louisa Moffitt - AP U.S. History

Louisa Moffitt

Louisa has been teaching AP US History at Marist School for the past thirty‐two years. She has been a Reader and Table Leader for the AP US History Exam and served as the Assistant Chief Reader for that test. Louisa is currently a question leader for the AP U.S. History Alternate exam. She has also worked as a College Board consultant and has taught AP US summer institutes for the past twenty-three years. Her work for College Board and ETS include item writing for the SAT II, the NAEP Exam, the PRAXIS Exam, and she has served as a member of the Test Development Committee for the AP US History Exam.
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Patricia Mote - AP Biology

Pat Mote

Pat taught biology at the high school level for over thirty years serving as department chair for many of these years. She has been an instructor and lecturer at the college level for 26 years. She holds degrees in Microbiology, Genetics, and Science Education from the University of Georgia. While serving as a consultant for the College Board since 1989, she has conducted one-day workshops and summer institutes at various schools and universities all over the country. She has been involved with the AP Reading to score the free response questions from the AP Biology Exam since 1992, serving as reader, table leader, question leader, and exam leader. She writes multiple-choice, grid-in, and free-response questions based on the curriculum framework for the AP Exams. During her career as a high school teacher she was named high school Teacher of the Year several times and Teacher of the Year for her school district. She was also named the Georgia Biology Teacher of the Year and a Tandy Technology Scholar. In 2003, she received the Siemens Award in Biology for her work with minority students in the AP program at her school. Her students have also selected her as their STAR Teacher numerous times. She has written and edited various teacher guides for anatomy and physiology textbooks and for several AP Biology textbooks. She has recently had items published in The College Board's Materials for Professional Workshops. She serves as an editor for articles for The American Biology Teacher. She has edited numerous editions of Human Anatomy and Physiology textbooks. Other publications include articles for several microbiology journals from research conducted at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and two instructors' guides for AP Biology. She has also helped develop test banks for textbooks used in the AP Biology courses. And she has been teaching a summer molecular biology program for the past 16 years at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Pat resides in Atlanta and is currently a lecturer for Human Anatomy and Physiology, Majors Biology, and Non-majors Biology lecture and lab courses at Georgia State University's Dunwoody Campus.
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Chris Myers - APSI Assistant Director

Chris Myers

Chris has been assisting the Woodward Academy AP Summer Institutes since they began in 1998. He attended Woodward from Pre‐K through 12th grade, graduating in '00. Chris continued his education at the University of Georgia where he earned a degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies in '05. After graduating from UGA, he returned to Woodward Academy to work in the Student Life department and coach Boys lacrosse. Currently, Chris is the Upper School Director of Student Activities and an assistant coach for the Varsity Boys Lacrosse team.
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Paul Myers - APSI Director

Paul Myers

Paul has taught mathematics and statistics for 48 years, including 9 years in Europe & Africa, 32 years at Woodward Academy, 2 years at Georgia Tech, and 5 years at The Paideia School in Atlanta. He has been an AP Statistics and Pre-AP Mathematics consultant for The College Board and a Fathom software consultant since 1997 and has conducted one-day and weeklong summer AP Statistics workshops in 45 states in the U.S., Germany and China, including the AP National Conference. He is a frequent presenter at conferences, focusing on statistics, simulation appropriate use of technology, and data science.
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Gary N. Petmecky - AP Economics

Gary Petmecky

Gary has taught both AP Micro and AP Macro Economics at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County since 1996. He served as a reader at the AP reading from 2007 until 2012. He served as a table leader from 2013 to present. Gary has been actively involved in teacher economic education since 1998. He has presented at over 50 workshops in Georgia. He holds a BBA in Economics, a MBA in Finance, a MEd in Social Sciences and an EdS in Leadership. Gary was awarded the Georgia Council on Economic Education Teacher of the Year award in 1999 and the Georgia Council for Social Studies Teacher of the Year award in 2007.
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Barbara Ramsey - AP U.S. History

Barbara Ramsey

Barbara serves a variety of roles in the College Board's Advanced Placement Program. Her educational background includes a B.S. degree in Social Studies Education and her M.A. degree in History. Her professional experience includes teaching AP U.S. History for over 20 years, serving as Social Studies Department Chair and instituting an Advanced Placement Scholars Program in Tampa, Florida. Barbara has worked with College Board in developing and conducting professional development workshops in AP U.S. History, Pre‐AP Strategies, Administration and Vertical Teams. She has served as an exam leader at the AP U.S. History examination readings and as a trainer and mentor of College Board consultants. Through teacher training, Barbara uses her extensive educational and consulting background to facilitate the College Board's mission of access and equity in providing the most rigorous opportunities for all students.
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Ann Rudkin - AP English Language and Composition

Ann Rudkin

A graduate of Wake Forest University's Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in English, Ann also held certification in Gifted Education. In her 27-year career, she taught every grade and ability level in North Carolina public high schools, as well as college-level courses for Surry Community College and Appalachian State's Admissions Partnership Program. She taught AP English Language and Composition for 17 years and AP English Composition and Literature for 3 years. In her school district's open admissions AP program, over 75 percent of her students achieved scores of 3 or better on AP English exams each year. Ann was a Reader of AP English exams for 15 years, 8 in Literature and 7 in Language, including 2 years as a Table Leader. In 2007 she read the first administration of the synthesis question, which provided her with invaluable insight in helping teachers to coach students to write this question successfully. In 2012 she trained to present the College Board 1-day workshop, "A Day with an AP Reader",in Las Vegas, NV, and has offered this workshop to teachers in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions. Ann has led AP 1-day workshops and Summer Institutes throughout the United States for the College Board. She was invited to present a 1-day workshop at the AP Annual Conference in 2011 and 2013. She has also served as an English consultant for curriculum planning workshops with College Board's EXCELerator programs. She has presented at the N.C. English Teachers Association annual convention and led in-service sessions for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (N.C.) Schools. In addition, she co-led a series of in-service sessions for new AP English Language and Composition teachers in Forsyth County (NC) in 2005-06 and 2006-07. Ann's credentials during her teaching career included endorsement of her AP Audit syllabus and National Board Certification. She is a College Board Endorsed Consultant and Site Coordinator.
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Louie Silvestri - AP Music Theory

Louie Silvestri

Louie is the Orchestra Director and AP Music Theory Director for Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. The 2017-2018 academic year marks his 13th year at the school and 12th as its AP Music Theory Teacher. He has presented at the AP Annual Conferences in 2008, 2009, 2015, and 2016, and has participated in the annual AP Music Theory Reading in Cincinnati from 2010-present. Louie has served 4 years on the AP Music Theory Development Committee, currently as the Committee's Co-Chair. He has presented sessions on how to build an AP Music Theory program at the Colorado Music Educators Association Conference in January 2015 and an AP Music Theory exam strategies session in January 2016. In addition to his teaching, he is also the Conductor for two community orchestras (The Loveland Orchestra in Loveland, Colorado and the Pikes Peak Philharmonic in Colorado Springs, Colorado). He is also pursuing his Doctor of Arts in Music Education with secondary emphasis in Statistics and Research Methods at the University of Northern Colorado. He holds memberships in NAfME, CMEA, the Conductors Guild, League of American Orchestras, Leonardo, and the Society for Music Theory.
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Brian Stevens - AP Government and Politics U.S.

Brian Stevens

Brian has served as an AP Government instructor at Coldwater High School for the past 27 years. He has worked as a consultant for the College Board since 1994 and as a reader and table leader for AP Government free response reading. He has conducted workshops and institutes throughout the United States. Brian was named as the 2005 American Law Auxiliary High School Teacher of the Year and uses several law‐related activities in his classroom. More recently Brian has edited and coauthored U.S. Government & Politics textbooks and review materials.
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Valerie Stevenson - AP English Language and Composition

Valerie Stevenson

Valerie earned a BA in English (UCLA) and an MA in Educational Leadership. She has taught English, including AP English Language and AP English Literature, for more than twenty-five years to all grades from middle school to college. In addition to her work as a classroom teacher at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California, she has been a team leader, department chair, resource, and mentor teacher for the San Diego Unified School District. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent/Young Adult English Language Arts. As a very active College Board endorsed consultant of more than ten years, she has presented at numerous conferences and workshops, the AP Annual Conference, and Advanced Placement Summer Institutes both nationally and internationally. Valerie is an experienced reader of many years for the AP English Language and Composition exam. Valerie is the Chair of the Board of Directors for The Preuss School UCSD, a sixth through twelfth grade public charter school dedicated to preparing low-income, urban students to be the first in their families to go to college. The Preuss School UCSD was named the #1 Transformative High School in the country by Newsweek magazine in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Valerie and her husband have lived in San Diego for more than thirty years.
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Michelle Strand - AP Physics 2

Michelle Strand

Michelle has been teaching science for 25 years in Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota. She has 20 years of experience teaching college-level introductory physics (including AP Physics B, AP Physics C, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 and Introductory algebra-based physics at a community college). She presently teaches at West Fargo High School in West Fargo, ND.
Michelle serves as Senior Reviewer for the AP Physics C: Mechanics audit and Curriculum Advisor for all AP Physics subjects for the AP Audit. She is a member of the AP Audit Development Committee for Physics 1 & 2. Michelle has been a part of the AP Physics reading for 20 years as a reader, a table leader and Exam Leader for the B exam, C exams and P1 & P2 exams. Michelle is currently the high school co-chair for the AP Physics C Test Development Committee.
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Josh Tabor - AP Statistics (Experienced(

Josh Tabor

Josh has been teaching on-level and AP Statistics since 1996. He currently teaches at Canyon del Oro High School in Oro Valley, AZ and was a top‐5 finalist for Arizona Teacher of the Year in 2011. Josh has been a grader of the AP Statistics exam since 1999, a table leader from 2001‐2006, and a question leader from 2007‐2017. He also served on the AP Statistics Test Development Committee from 2005‐2009. Josh is the co-author of The Practice of Statistics 6e, and the author of the Annotated Teacher's Edition for The Practice of Statistics 4e and 5e. He is also the co‐author of two on‐level statistics textbooks: Statistical Reasoning in Sports, which introduces students to the concepts of statistical reasoning in a simulation‐based, student‐friendly manner and Statistics and Probability with Applications, which features short, direct lessons that make teaching and learning statistics enjoyable for both teachers and students. Josh has presented at regional, national, and international conferences and has taught one‐day and week‐long AP Statistics workshops for many years and enjoys the opportunity to share his love of statistics for many years. He enjoys the opportunity to share his love of statistics and learn from the experiences of participants.
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Dali Tan - AP Chinese Language and Culture

Dali Tan

Dali is the Associate Professor of Chinese and China Coordinator at the Northern Virginia Community College. She received her PhD in comparative literature from the University of Maryland in 1997. She has extensive experience teaching Chinese at secondary schools as well as college and university levels. Dr. Tan is a consultant for the College Board and served on the College Board SAT II Chinese Committee and the AP Chinese Committees. She has also served as the advisor for a group of College Board guest teachers from China. She has conducted numerous AP Chinese workshops and AP summer institutes for College Board both in the United States and in People's Republic of China since 2006. She serves currently as the President of CLASS (the Chinese Language Association of Secondary and Elementary Schools). She served as a director of NECTFL (The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). She currently co‐chairs the Chinese K‐16 performance standards project. She has also served on STARTALK Taskforce for Curriculum Development, National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. She worked as STARTALK Site Visitor Team Leader from 2008 to 2015.

Her publication includes "Leader Notes‐2007 AP Chinese Special Focus in Chinese: Reading Lu Xun's Short Story through a Variety of Scaffolding Activities," "Study Abroad in China: Transformation of Students' Perspectives on the World and Themselves," Study Abroad in the Chinese Context, Peking University Press, 2008, "Criteria to Guide Textbook Decisions: Reflections from a Classroom Teacher and Teacher Trainer" in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Nanjing University Press, April, 2011. She is also the co-author of the following "Exploring the potential of high school homestays as a context for local engagement and negotiation of difference‐Americans in China." in Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2013 and "Contextualized Language Practices as Sites for Learning: Mealtime Talk in Short‐Term Chinese Homestays." Applied Linguistics. Oxford University Press (2014): 1-26 as well as Step Up with Chinese (A Chinese textbook for middle school and high school students), Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Cengage Learning, 2011 and 2013 and 2015. Dr. Tan was the 2003 recipient of the Teacher Recognition Award issued by U.S. Department of Education when her student Raleigh Martin, Maryland Presidential Scholar in 2003 nominated her as his "most influential teacher.”
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Steve Thompson - AP Chemistry

Steve Thompson

Steve has taught AP Chemistry for 40 years at three different public high schools. Steve has been a College Board consultant since 1996 and during this time has been a AP Chemistry exam reader each year, conducted over 69 week long summer institutes and 65 one day workshops.
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Luke Underwood - APSI Logistics Coordinator

Luke Underwood

Luke has been at Woodward Academy since 2001 and currently serves as the Associate Dean of Students in the Upper School. He holds a M.Ed. in Mathematics.
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Tonya Whitmire - APSI Science Lab Assistant

Tonya Whitmire

Tonya Whitmire has been at Woodward Academy since 2015 and currently serves as a Chemistry teacher in the Upper School. She holds a M.A.T in Science Education.
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Luke Wilcox - AP Statistics (New)

Luke Wilcox

Luke Wilcox is a math teacher and teacher leader at East Kentwood High School in Kentwood, Michigan. He has written questions for the AP Statistics exam and has been an AP Exam Reader for the past five years. His AP Statistics students have consistently outperformed national averages with a 97% pass rate over the past ten years. He was recognized for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) in 2013 and was most recently recognized as the 2017-2018 Michigan Teacher of the Year.
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François Wolman - French Language and Culture

François Wolman

François is a native of Paris, France. He attended the University of Oregon and Cal State University at Northridge, where he received his B.A. in French. He attended UCLA to obtain his teaching credential, then Pepperdine University in Malibu, where he graduated with a M.A. in Psychology. For over 30 years, François has been teaching High School French. He has taught French, Health and E.S.L. for the Alhambra City School District and all levels of French, including AP Language and Literature at Beverly Hills High School. For 26 years he has taught all levels of French at Canyon High School in Santa Clarita, CA as well as AP Psychology. François also taught French 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, & 10 at Los Angeles Valley College from 2007-2013. François is currently teaching French at Granada Hills Charter High School. In 1996, François started serving as an AP reader for the College Board and has been a Table Leader since 2011. He served as a member of the SAT II French Language test development committee from 1999-2005. François was a contributing writer to the AP French textbook Thèmes by Vista Higher Learning. He is a member of AATF (American Association of Teachers of French), and also teaches at the Alliance Française de Los Angeles.
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Carol Yarbrough - AP Computer Science Principles

Carol Yabruh

Carol Yarbrough began teaching high school in 2007, embarking on a second career after working in the computer industry for 20+ years. She is currently teaching computer science at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, in Birmingham, Alabama. Carol graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Computational Mathematics. She then was employed in just about every aspect of the computer industry, doing both scientific and business programming. In addition to being a programmer, she has been a designer, analyst, system administrator, database administrator, technical architect, corporate trainer and curriculum developer. But, she always wanted to teach, so she studied Secondary Mathematics Education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She was a pilot teacher for the College Board's AP Computer Science Principles course and is currently serving as the College Board Advisor on the course's Development Committee. Carol served as a reader for the APCSA exam for several years before becoming a table leader for the AP CS Principles exam reading. She is also a College Board consultant, responsible for facilitating professional development for AP teachers through workshops and AP Summer Institutes. She has been involved for the past several years as a Teacher Leader with the CS4Alabama project. CS4Alabama is training in-service teachers in Alabama to teach the CS Principles course. She is also working with A+ College Ready as the Computer Science Content Specialist. Carol enjoys working with bright and creative people and the satisfaction of knowing that her work matters.
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