AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

June 4‐7 & July 16‐19

I welcome the opportunity to assist you in your preparation of becoming an AP Psychology instructor! Emphasis will consist of how to begin & build a course along with easy‐to‐use class demonstrations being highlighted. Setting up a course, both for regular and block schedule: choosing main and supplemental textbooks, pacing, dealing with parents and administrators.


Daily Schedule

Morning Afternoon
  • Introductions
    • You - name, degree(s), college major, what else you teach, other activities you sponsor at school
    • Your school - brag and/or moan
    • Your AP course - the number of classes/students, text used, weighted and/or accelerated credit, length, who's taking the course
  • Institute Objectives
    • Overview of the institute
    • Overview of the AP program
    • Overview of AP Psychology
    • Survey of what your want to accomplish
  • The Syllabus as a Starting Point
  • Introduction to Research
    • Information retrieval workshop with primary focus on computer search techniques; internet and other possibilities in the teaching of psychology
    • Familiarization with the tools necessary to interject media into your course
Morning Afternoon
  • Critical Thinking and Writing in an AP Course
    • Teaching experimental methodology and design
    • Using bad studies to promote good thinking
  • Tough Topics
  • Choosing Texts and Supplementary Readings
  • Tough Topics
Morning Afternoon
  • The AP Exam: Construction
  • The AP Exam: Grading
  • Media resources
    • "The Brain" series
    • "Discovering Psychology"
  • Tough Topics
  • Your Favorite Activities
Morning Afternoon
  • Tough Topics
  • Construct your Yearly Calendar
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