AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

Goals and Objectives:

  • Overview: Throughout our four days together, my goal is for each participant to come away better prepared to teach AP Economics. This objective will be achieved through an intensive review of specific content, as listed in the Acorn Book, published by the College Board. Lessons on more difficult concepts will be modeled. Second, participants will study the design of the currently available Free Response questions and learn the use of rubrics in the grading process. Third, a session will be dedicated to setting up the course. Various texts and ancillary materials will be available for evaluation. And finally, we will establish a network of support for teachers seeking help in AP Economics. I am always energized after a summer institute and I trust that all the participants will leave the institute excited to share their experiences with their students.

  • What to Bring:

  • Daily Agenda:


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