U.S. History

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

June 4‐7

The week will be spent examining the AP US History course and exam, including content and methodology. There will be a variety of activities for participants to develop and share strategies and ideas.


Daily Schedule

  • Implementation of an AP Program and the AP US History course
  • Overview of the AP US History Course and Exam
  • Equity and Access Policy
  • Instructional Materials
  • AP Central
  • Introduction to Historical Thinking Skills
  • Exploring the Thematic Learning Objectives
  • Exploring the Concept Outline
  • AP Teaching Straegies
  • Focus on the AP US History Exam
  • AP Instructional Design
  • "The Gift of Time"- work on own AP Audit syllabus and pacing guide
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Web Sites

July 16‐19

This U.S. History workshop places an emphasis on:


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