Physics 2

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

This course is designed for any teachers who will be teaching the AP Physics 2 course. During this week, participants will be provided with information and experiences on how to teach both the classroom and laboratory components of the course. We will explore the many components of the AP Physics 2 program including the curriculum framework, labs, and exam. A highlight of this Institute will be learning how to create instructional materials to build and/or strengthen the students' conceptual understanding of physics principles as suggested by the latest physics education research. Emphasis will be placed on the inquiry lab approach and methods of teaching a college level class. Participants will experience and receive access to a number of resources to help prepare and develop their own AP Physics 2 course.


Daily Schedule

Course Schedule *Topics will include content review, labs, AP question analysis and skills.
Morning Afternoon
  • IntroductionS
  • P2 Test Basics
  • Lab Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Fluids*
Morning Afternoon
  • Thermodynamics*
  • Optics*
Morning Afternoon
  • Modern, Atomic, Nuclear Physics*
  • Electrostatics*
  • Circuits*
Morning Afternoon
  • Magnetism/EM*
  • Make and Take Demo
  • Participant Sharing
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