Physics 1

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

This summer institute will cover the essentials needed to teach AP Physics 1 including content, course development, exam review and laboratory activities. The Curriculum Framework will be reviewed and the Course Audit discussed. Participants will develop or modify a syllabus, lesson plans and assignments. Exam scoring will be addressed along with student preparation. Content reinforcement will be included in areas that are traditionally problematic as well as topics requested by participants. A portion of the week will focus on Inquiry Based Learning and establishing an AP Physics experience that maximizes student learning. Numerous practical tips will be provided throughout the week on teaching strategies, demonstrations, and resources. Labs and activities that engage student learning and promote higher order thinking skills will be performed and discussed. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and to share their own strategies, activities, labs, demonstrations and approaches with each other.


Daily Schedule

Morning Afternoon
  • Introduction
  • AP Courses Equity & Access, Student Selection
  • Overview AP Physics 1, Curriculum Framework
  • Multiple Representations Kinematics
  • Labs & Activities - Kinematics & Dynamics
  • Audit and Syllabus Development
  • Textbooks & Resources
Morning Afternoon
  • Free Body Diagrams & System Schema
  • Instructional Design & Assessment
  • MC Exam Analysis
  • Goal-Less Problems & TIPERS
  • Lab Experience
  • Labs & Activities - Circular Motion
  • Movie Physics
  • Labs & Activities - Energy
Morning Afternoon
  • FR Exam Analysis
  • Instructional Planning and Pacing Guides
  • Labs & Activities - Rotation
  • Labs & Activities - Waves & Sound
  • Labs & Activities - Electricity
  • Labs & Activities - Collisions
  • Lab & Demo Ideas
Morning Afternoon
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction
  • Labs & Activities - Inquiry
  • Scientific Argumentation
  • Peer Review Strategies
  • Best Practices: Participant Sharing
  • Error Analysis
  • Evaluations
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