Calculus BC

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

June 4‐7

This Calculus BC workshop will cover all the important aspects of teaching BC, with an emphasis on AP Calculus BC Syllabus Topics, Understanding by Design Curriculum Framework for AP Calculus, Teaching strategies and classroom applications, Technology and Calculator Lab Activities, & AP Exam Questions and Preparations.


Daily Schedule

Morning Afternoon
  • Introductions
  • College Board programs and services
  • Resource materials overview
  • What's new in AP Calculus for 2018-19
  • The Understanding by Design Curriculum Framework
  • The Calculus BC curriculum
  • Calculus reform teaching and questioning
  • Calculus course prerequisites
  • Problems review
  • Functions toolkit
  • Graphing:
    • Parametric curves
    • Vector-valued functions
    • Polar curves
Morning Afternoon
  • Homework overview
  • Polar background content review
  • Calculator activities
  • Classroom questioning/writing strategies
  • The Calculus of parametric curves
    • Differentiation
    • Tangent lines
    • Graphical analysis
  • The Calculus of Vector-valued functions:
    • Differentiation
    • Motion studies
  • Distance along a curve linked to parametric arc length
  • The Calculus of Polar curves:
    • Differentiation
    • Tangent lines
    • Graphical Analysis
    • Area
  • AP problems review
  • Print resources review, textbook comparisons
  • Software demos and on-line sources
Morning Afternoon
  • Course pacing discussion
  • Integration by parts
  • L'Hopital's Rule
  • Improper integrals
  • Sequences
  • Series of constants convergence and divergence tests
  • More series convergence and divergence tests
  • Problems practice in collaborative teams
  • Power series intervals of convergence
  • Power series constructions and manipulations
Morning Afternoon
  • Homework and grading issues discussion
  • Series problems review
  • Taylor and Maclaurin series
  • Error analyses on series sums
  • 2018 AP exam
  • Differential Equations:
    • Slope Fields
    • Analytical solutions with boundary conditions
    • Logistics and other real-world applications
  • More Differential Equations:
    • Euler's Method
    • Calculator lab
  • AP exams' data review
  • Summary and evaluation
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