French Language & Culture

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

Goals for this institute include:


Daily Schedule


The AP 2017 Exam - General Overview

  • Components of the AP 2017 exam
  • Provide ideas and strategies for the lower level French classes
  • Problem solving - discussion of challenges in the classroom
  • Textbooks, workbooks and supplemental materials

Listening/Reading & Speaking

  • Listening and reading section of the AP exam
  • Strategies for teaching listening and reading (including sample materials)
  • Using literature for the reading portion of the AP exam
  • Working the speaking portion of the AP exam
  • 2017 exam (section 1 portion)


  • Writing the composition 2017
  • Strategies for teaching composition development
  • Support materials
  • Test samples from these sections
  • Syllabus writing
  • 2017 exam analysis (section 2 writing portion)

The Use of Technology in the AP Curriculum

  • Ideas and projects of utilizing the internet
  • Support materials (French software)
  • Games (Trivial pursuit)
  • Movies and TV 5 (television)
  • Membership in AATF (American Association of Teachers of French)
  • Utilizing Songs and their lyrics in the AP Curriculum
  • Present Modified Syllabus
  • Group activity
  • Wrap up
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