Chinese Language & Culture

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

This course will focus on the AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam in relation to the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills. Consultant and participants will share best practices and classroom strategies in improving student performance in all three modes of communications (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational) and will carefully examine effective instructional resources. Topics will include:


Daily Schedule

  • Session 1
    • Introduction
    • Review the agenda for the AP Chinese Summer Institute
    • Discuss the College Board's Equity Statement
    • Development of the AP Chinese Course and Exam
  • Session 2
    • World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
    • The three modes of communication and the integration of four skills
  • Session 3: AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Guidelines
  • Session 4: Review of the Free-Response Section on AP Exam 2016
  • Session 1: Reading and Scoring Process and Sample of Student Responses
  • Session 2: AP Course Audit and Developing a Syllabus for the AP Chinese class
  • Session 3: Using Authentic Materials and Hands-on Lesson Planning
  • Session 4: Resources for Chinese language and culture - AP Chinese and Instructional Technology
  • Session 1:
    • Effective Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners
    • Deepening the Impact of Our Activities
  • Session 2: Listening and Speaking Strategies and Practice
  • Session 3: Reading and Writing Strategies and Practice
  • Session 4: Teaching Cultural Perspective - Beyond Product and Practice
  • Session 1: ACTFL's Integrated Performance Assessments
  • Session 2: Integrating Authentic Materials
  • Session 3: Lesson Plan (student-centered activities) Presentation and Sharing
  • Session 4: Q & A and Evaluation
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