English Literature & Composition

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

June 5‐8 - **Full**

The AP Literature and Composition Institute focuses on preparing teachers to teach literature, writing, and reading in ways consistent with first year college instruction. Teachers discuss methods of creating assignments and responding to them, integrating test skills into curriculum, developing unit and lesson plans, and engage ideas current in the college classroom about literary study and composing, including global literatures, genre theory and visual literacy.


Daily Schedule


The Literature Course Curriculum

  • Approaches to the course
  • Integrating reading and writing
  • Teaching close reading

The Uses of Genre and Context

  • Teaching the major genres: poetry, fiction/nonfiction, drama
  • New genres for students
  • "Old" literature - challenges and opportunities in teaching

Teaching Analysis and Argument

  • The uses of the exam for writing development
  • A look at the 2017 exam
  • Practice with developing skill in exam taking
  • Transatlantic and global literatures: teacher presentations

Developing Curriculum and Challenges in Teaching AP

  • Curricular plans and arrangement of content and skills
  • Building skills for underprepared students
  • Building connections between literature and history; literature and culture
  • The uses of grammar
  • The importance of voice

July 17‐20

This week long course is designed to benefit both the new and experienced AP Literature and Composition teacher. Using contemporary and classic literature, we will explore instructional strategies and assessments. During the week we will examine topics of course and syllabi design, the AP exam, seminar approaches, poetry, short works of fiction, major works of fiction (novels and drama), grammar/syntax, and writing. We will work on constructing a syllabus for those who need one as well as tweaking and/or constructing lesson plans and units. Please bring teaching resources you want to revise or incorporate into your school year. The workshop will be largely hands-on and differentiated to the degree needed.


Daily Schedule


Basics of AP English: Literature

  • Introductions
  • The exam‐multiple choice + essays
  • Scoring the exam
  • Resources
  • Planning the year‐a syllabus
  • Scoring the essays‐samples in materials
  • What is analysis? Practice writing analysis
  • Terminology
  • Setting the right tone

Longer Works

  • Making choices
  • As you read
  • Envelope Activity
  • Reading guide
  • Reader response
  • Discussion activities
  • Writing
  • Scoring the open essay


  • Multiple choice
  • Poetry responses
  • Helen Vendler
  • Poetry presentations
  • Classroom strategies
  • Scoring the poetry essay


  • Multiple choice
  • Rhetorical triangle
  • Syntax
  • Writing
  • Scoring the prose essay
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