Music Theory

AP Summer Institutes at Woodward Academy

July 16‐19

This AP Summer Institute provides both new and experienced Advanced Placement Music Theory teachers with resources to maximize both teaching and learning within the classroom. Through the use of released exams, released free response questions, worksheets, and other materials, participants will work collaboratively to foster greater understanding of the course content as well as successful strategies for AP Exam preparation. Participants will explore the five musical concept skills areas crucial to the Exam: hearing, sight-singing, writing, composing, and analyzing and place those in the framework of a logical scope and sequence for the course. Additional topics include specific AP Music Theory course content, exam structure, scoring guidelines with rubrics, and using College Board materials and resources.


Course Plan

For Prospective & New Teachers

Prospective &/or new teachers tend to make up a majority of Music Theory participants

  • Offer an overview of the current content expectations of an AP Music Theory course.
  • Gain familiarity with the current format and grading of the AP Music Theory examination.
  • Examine various course structures, including issues of prerequisites, schedules, pacing, and the integration of aural and written theory skills.
  • Discuss practical matters relating to starting and sustaining an AP Music Theory class.
  • Review specific aspects of music theory covered in the examination, as suggested by the participants.
  • Offer help in designing a Course-Audit appropriate syllabus.
All Teachers
  • Review the free response sections of the 2017 examination with regard to teaching strategies.
  • Examine and discuss available printed and electronic teaching/learning resources.
  • Model and share effective teaching strategies in specific theory areas.
  • Share teaching techniques, lesson plans, and other means for more effective teaching/learning.
  • Foster a mutually helpful network of experienced and newer AP Music Theory teachers.
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