October 19, 2013
Focus: Powerful Data Collection - Understanding Stratified Sampling and Blocked Experiments
Josh Tabor, Guest Presenter

Josh Tabor File
November 10, 2012
Focus: Sampling Distributions and Inference for Experiments
Corey Andreasen, Guest Presenter

Corey Andreasen Files
February 18, 2012
Focus: FRAPPYS - Utilizing Free Response AP Problems (Yay!) as Formative Assessments
Jason Molesky, Guest Presenter

Jason Molesky File
November 16, 2011
Focus: Tips from the Most Recent Chief Reader
Chris Franklin, Guest Presenter

Chris Franklin File
February 12, 2011
Focus: Statistical Inference
Dave Bock, Guest Presenter

Dave Bock Files
December 4, 2010
Focus: Probability, Random Variables & Sampling Distributions
Chris Olsen, Guest Presenter

Chris Olsen Files
September 25, 2010
Focus: Planning and Conducting a Study
Daren Starnes, Guest Presenter

Daren Starnes Files

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